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Herb Garden Plants – Understanding the Different Types of Herb Garden Plants By  

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When it comes to planting your own herb garden, you should bear in mind that there is a wide array of herb garden plants to choose from.

Each has their unique benefits and purpose, and it’s my intention to help you understand the differences.

All herbs have uses, some to flavor food, others believed to a have supremacy to heal, several to add aroma to homes and a few to beautify. All in all these aromatic plants whether common or not are all advantageous to us.

Herbs are also grouped into the categories for which they are used.

Culinary Herbs

These are probably the most useful to people, as they are one of natures’ little surprise packages that contain a lot of flavor. A little goes a long way; much is not needed to make an astonishing impact in cooking.

Herbs like sage, savory, chives and thyme can be used in the dish because of their strong flavors while.

Purple Basil, bay, parsley and dandelion some more common that the other can all be used as garnish for food. Salad Burnet, arugula can be used in fresh salads.

Flowering Herbs

These are used also for their aroma; oils also from these plants can be used to make perfumes, air freshener and other fragrances.

Other herbs, for example curly pods, lavender and arjun can be used dried as potpourri which gives an extensive scent of the plant.

Ornamental Herbs

Just like the Catmint and the Salem, Rosemary can be used to deck out a walkway; they are mostly recognized with their brightly colored flowers.

Medicinal Herbs

Herbs like bee balm, catnip, ground- ivy and the red clover are used for their healing wonders, though some used are vastly overvalued researchers have established facts that some herb garden plants do heal.

Close attention should be paid to medicinal herbs especially around children because they can be hazardous if ingested.

Some herb garden plants have dual purposes, like mint which can be used to flavor a pot or as a bug repellant in your garden.


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