Salem Natural Medicine
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Salem Natural Medicine
Why Own This Domain Name?

There are many reasons to own Salem Natural Medicine dot com. Three of them include …


Maximize your chances of being found in search engines and elsewhere. An essential factor in prospects finding you is to have a keyword-rich domain name that matches the services you offer.


One of the most viewed pieces of information, is the Contact Us section. Prospective clients look for a recognizable address with a telephone number and an email address that matches who you are .


A Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo email address is what scammers and spammers use. Professionals, reputable service providers and businesses have an email address that reflects their business or organization.

Salem Natural Medicine dot com Buy or Lease

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How to Calculate Minimum Offer for
Salem Natural Medicine dot com

  1. Click this link to open the GoDaddy appraisal tool: GoDaddy GoValue™
  2. Minimum offer 16% of the GoDaddy Estimated Value

(Minimum offer does not guarantee offer will be accepted.)

“GoDaddy estimates the value of each domain by looking at millions of historical domain name sales. The estimated value may or may not rely upon this particular domain’s sales data, as the domain may not have previously sold. Sellers may ask for a price below or above this estimated value.” source GoDaddy

Lease Options

The most frequent comments we hear from professionals, sales people, contractors, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others are:

1. I already have a website.

2. I would like to have a website but don’t have the time/knowledge to set one up.

3. Hosting, web development, maintenance is expensive.

Leasing Inexpensive Option
That Will Get You More Business Opportunities

Two affordable lease options.

Option 1*: For only 9.95 per month, we will redirect this keyword rich domain name to your existing website. This gives you the benefit of searches, a keyword rich domain name, and no additional expense for hosting or web development.

Option 2*: We will develop a website for you for a one time cost of just 99.95. Then a monthly lease of 19.95. We will maintain the pages and show you, or someone who works with you, how to add Blog Posts and link them to your social media accounts. This also includes 5 domain email addresses, 20-minutes/month telephone consultation, and more.

Note: For security, invoicing is handled through PayPal. We will NEVER ask for payment information. Nor will we have access to your payment information.

* 1. Plus annual administration fee $39.95.

* 2. Minimum 3 month lease.

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