Clinical Nutrition

Food as the best medicine is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Many medical conditions can be treated more effectively with dietary changes, nutritional supplements and with fewer complications and side effects than they can by other means. ND’s use diet, natural hygiene, fasting and nutritional supplementation in practice.

There are many substances in our environment that may be contributing to our health problems that we cannot control, but food is one of the main areas that we can control. A first step towards health is learning what foods may be causing a problem for you, avoiding these and then learning and eating foods that are good for you, Remember that even if certain foods are “good for us,” if you have a sensitivity to a specific food or cannot metabolize this “good” food, then it may not be good for YOU! All bodies are different and it is important to treat every body as an individual. At Salem Natural Medicine Clinic we use a variety of methods to help determine food/environmental sensitivities to better enable us to give you practical dietary advice for your body and how it can benefit your specific condition.

Sometimes if changing the diet is not enough to bring about the desired health effect we may need to add nutritional supplements to the diet but starting with the diet is a powerful healing tool. If a person is eating an optimum diet for him or herself, then usually fewer supplements are needed to bring about a change.