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How Physical Therapy Helps Ease Chronic Pain

Physical therapy, abbreviated as PT, is also known as physiotherapy. According to Wikipedia, “It is a service provided by physical therapists who promote, maintain, or restore health through physical examination, diagnosis, management, prognosis, patient education, physical intervention, rehabilitation, disease prevention, and health promotion. Physical therapists are known as physiotherapists in many countries.

Arthritis is explained in Wikipedia as “… a term often used to mean any disorder that affects joints …

Does Phyiscal Therapy Help Pain Suffers

When you have arthritis, you may have a little bit of joint pain and stiffness, or you may have a lot. No matter how intense the pain, the question is will physical therapy help?

Although not definitive, generally physical therapy will help. Or at least to a degree of chronic pain reduction.

Part of the reason why people with arthritis have joint stiffness is because they avoid movements that cause more pain. This is a challenge for people suffering with arthritis. The reason is that NOT moving the joints causes the pain to get worse. It is like a catch 22; moving the joints results in chronic pain, not moving the joints promotes arthritis.

How Does Physical Therapy Help

Physical therapy is not just about the physical therapist giving you an awesome massage. It is about education. The therapist will teach you how to move and work out the stiffness without causing further joint damage.

Therapists can teach you how to make simple changes in your home, work, and life to make arthritis less of a problem.

For example, a physical therapist will show you how using aids like zipper pullers or grippers to reach for items on shelves, can be done safely and without causing pain. There are many other assistive devices specifically developed to assist people with joint trauma.

Additionally, the therapist will be able to offer advice to make day-to-day activities easier and less painful for you.

Education on Types of Arthritis

Physical therapy is also beneficial in educating clients about the type of arthritis they have. There are more than 100 different conditions that affect our joints. Each has its own symptoms.

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is the most common type of arthritis. Through education the more one knows about what type of arthritis ails them, the better prepared they are to make necessary changes.

Does Weight Impact Arthritis

It is not uncommon for a physical therapist to recommend that you lose weight, if necessary. The reason is carrying extra weight can make arthritis pain worse in your back, leg, hip, and joints in your feet.

The good news is that a professional physical therapist will also provide education about relieving pain naturally.

By-the-way, modified activities may also be part of your therapy. Yes the exercises could be a little painful. However the overall gain so you can improve your daily life with less pain may be more beneficial.

Is Physical Therapy Right for Me

How do you know if physical therapy is right for you?

Your doctor is the best person to speak with concerning starting physical therapy. If it is something you should do, generally the referring doctor will work closely with the physical therapist to design a program of treatment that best suits your type of arthritis. Through a consultative process, they will also want your input to be able to determine what you think you can do. This has proven to be a better way to set realistic goals.

This means before you even start physical therapy, a therapist will design a program of exercises to help you reduce pain and stiffness in your joints. This also includes exercises. The purpose of exercise is to increase muscle strength surrounding the joints. This will help to stabilize them.

Flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance exercises may also be included.

In summary, with your limitations taken into consideration, the therapist will access your ability and teach you how to perform range-of-motion exercises that will help you live your life with fewer problems associated with the type of arthritis you have.

Is Physical Therapy for Everyone

Is physical therapy always the solution for people suffering from arthritis pain?

Unfortunately, physical therapy is not always the answer.

It can help those who have developed arthritis after an injury or those who have had joint replacement surgery. But it might not be the best choice for someone with mild arthritis. People who have a milder case of arthritis may be able to ease the pain and stiffness with heat and cold therapy or over-the-counter pain relievers.

And, for the increasing number of people who prefer to not use pills or other medication, Natural Synergy is a proven alternative.